4 Indie Game Marketplaces You Should Visit

I love indie game marketplaces.  I am an avid supporter of the indie game community.  I guess that’s why I’m running this blog. If you’re like me, and you want the latest and greatest games that our amazing indie community releases, then I have just the list for you.

Support our indie development community by checking out the games they made with love, hard work, and lots of coffee.



I would describe Kawagames as the Indie of the indie game marketplaces. Very simple and straight to the point.  This place has some rare gems, like “The White Chamber”  which I quickly became a fan of.  The site features a review system, which effectively allows you to decide if you’d like the game or not, from other players’ experience.  It holds a limited number of games at the moment, but most of them are free.  I would suggest taking a look around.  You just might find that game you never knew you wanted to play.

Indie Game Stand


Being the prudent gamer that I am, what I love about this marketplace is their daily deals, giving you awesome indie titles at bargain prices.  The most unique feature of Indie Game Stand is their subscription service, which practically gives you high quality games, picked out by their editors every month. Which will help you save a lot, if you purchase games regularly.  This shop features some of the most well done indie games I have seen to date.



This site is truly indie love.  The site owner provides the marketplace service for free to all indie game developers.  Meaning the developers keep all proceeds from their game purchase, except maybe the transaction fees for the payment service, like Paypal, which is minimal.  All the cost for running the marketplace is shouldered by this guy.  We should all call him a saint, or if not just simply follow him on twitter, @moonscript .  The site features games for all the major platforms, and even provides discounted bundles.



The most popular marketplace in this group would be Desura.  The proof of which, is their active community, with over 2000 members online at any given time, this site is a vibrant hub for both gamers and developers alike.  Desura has active forum members willing to discuss the latest indie titles, and provide helpful insights into game design and developments.  They even feature dev groups that talk about their ongoing projects, so people can stay tuned in to a specific games development.  As such the site also allows access to alpha builds of some games.

Honorable Mentions

This should go without saying, but the behemoths Steam and Amazon  also feature their own indie games section.  Which does not come at a surprise, seeing as one of them started the online game delivery model and the other revolutionized online retail.

I hope you found this list useful, and If I forgot to share your favorite indie game marketplace feel free to contact me or tweet me, so we can update the list if needed.


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